RideCBR’s 4th Contest – TripageLED HID Delay Relay

CLOSED- RideCBR’s 4th Contest – TripageLED HID Delay Relay Giveaway

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RideCBR’s Sponsor: TripageLED.com has gratiously given another part up for a RideCBR.com giveaway.
Check out www.TripageLED.com and support our sponsors that make these free contests possible on a monthly basis.
This contest is for a TripageLED HID Headlight Delay Relay. What this does is delay your headlights from turning on, until your engine is started. It conserves power to get your CBR started, rather than draining your battery on the headlights. Will also delay dual HID’s so you can have both headlights come on.  Universal to any 12v application.  Car/bike anything.
For more information, detailed description, pictures, and customer reviews on this product..
check out: http://tripageled.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=37&product_id=53

Please make sure you read the rules posted below. If you have any questions, ASK before you enter. For this contest, each entry costs 50 RideCBR points and there is a maximum of 50 entries including social media entries.

RideCBR Points entered in this contest cannot be refunded to your RideCBR account.

Congratulations to @fishfryer who won this contest and @tripage for sponsoring the contest!

 Special thanks to our friends at www.TripageLED.com for continually sponsoring RideCBR.com.

Good luck to all members.

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