New Way To Earn Points: Street Team Tag is introducing a new way to earn RideCBR points while helping our community grow. As you may already know, we have Street Team Business Cards that members can purchase with RideCBR points (or get a pack of them for free if you have ever reached “Guru” status) to give out to fellow Honda enthusiasts you may come across.

Every time you take one of our Street Team Business Cards and “Tag” (put a card) a Honda Sportbike, take a picture of it. Post the picture in the dedicated forum topic and mention @dubv – He will then send you 50 points per “tag”.

If the member signs up, and it’s easy to see they signed up directly as a result of the “Tag”, you will be credited 250 points. We should be able to tell easily by the bike and time of sign up.

1. Bike tagged must be a Honda sportbike.
2. This must be done with a Street Team Business Card, nothing else, no exceptions.
3. Picture must clearly show the card on another Honda sportbike.
4. @dubv or @admin choose if the member signed up or not and have the final say on all point games, contest, awards, etc on

Please read through the rules carefully. Of course, you do this at your own risk. Please use common sense and do not put stickers directly on other bikes, or use any type of tape.

You can order Street Team Business Cards here:

Any Guru member that hasn’t received a pack of these cards, please PM me.

If you would like to participate, please make sure you post in this: dedicated forum topic. Posting pictures in comments below will not qualify you to earn points.

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