Welcome to the newest sponsor: RRfairings.com

I would like to welcome our newest RideCBR.com sponsor: RRfairings.com! RRfairings.com is an online store for HONDA CBR motorcycle fairings and parts. They carry top of the line painted and unpainted motorcycle plastics for most HONDA sportbikes. Since 2010, RR Fairings has serviced thousands of customers, dealerships, sponsorships, and more. All of their parts come with a guarantee and they stand behind our products 100%.

RRfairings.com has become our first FEATURED sponsor. This means they have a big banner on our homepage as well as the normal sponsor package.

Please feel free to ask questions in their dedicated forum here:

You can also mention @cbrfairings with any pricing or availability questions.

RideCBR is expanding it’s store with new gear and we will be adding new contests shortly, so a big thanks to RRfairings.com who came to support RideCBR, our contests, and our members. Please support all of our sponsors, they make RideCBR possible.

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