Why you shouldn’t post yourself speeding on YouTube.

Law Enforcement is stepping up their game and turning to YouTube to catch sportbikes in the act of speeding excessively or breaking the law. The latest incident is a rider in Canada who got up to 299km/hr (Approx 185ish MPH) and had it all recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Here is his YouTube video:

According to today’s CNN article: “Police in British Columbia say a man wanted for allegedly recording himself reaching speeds of at least 186 mph on his motorcycle and posting the video on YouTube has been arrested.

Randy George Scott, 25, walked into the Kelowna, British Columbia, police department Tuesday evening, identified himself, and said there was a warrant for his arrest.

“The man allegedly responsible for the infamous YouTube video “Victoria Highway Run 299km” is in custody,” Kelowna police said in a statement.”

You can read the full story here:


Ride Safe, and if you have the need for speed, don’t record yourself and upload it to YouTube!!

2 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t post yourself speeding on YouTube.

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    I was about to delete all my videos off youtube ..lol I think I’m alright though, my speedo rarely if ever is legible in them and I’m on the tight twisty stuff out in the country where you are allowed to speed here in the UK. That and the fact I’m not exactly doing 186mph either … what’s that blue flashing light outside my cottage? ***gulps***

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    When he did that was stupid!! He should have picked a better time when the street is empty or close to it and so he only endangers himself. for exp: (I am not saying myself) People in Tucson ride at night and do the dangerous stupid stuff when the streets are EMPTY only them and the cops are on the streets.

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